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  • Co. Meath

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Residential Development Co. Meath

Proposal for construction of 73 No. residential units on 2 blocks of 6 and 7 storeys each.

The form and design of the buildings in the surrounding areas consist of a mixture of both traditional and modern developments. This proposal is, therefore, is envisaged as a contemporary revival of existing unoccupied/vacant site which will positively contribute to the local area. With regards to materials, the existing context is made up of a mixture of materials including brick, stone, render, mild steel railings and glazed curtain walling.

The materials proposed to consist of textured concrete, rendered pre-fabricated panels, decorative mild steel railings, and grey windows. A sense of place has been achieved within the design proposal itself through its style, high-quality materials, detailing, and layout.

The mix of units provided in an area which is mainly limited to housing units will add to the context with regards to its community contribution and increased vitality derived from people moving into the area, creating a development which is active and attractive. Furthermore, the retention of the existing trees on the site allows for the established sense of place to be retained, maintaining an element of familiarity.

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